Welcome to the photo gallery for the #GoalieLove campaign, which is in support of Lift The Mask.
Together with @crewztastudio we created a collection of 15 unique mask designs that are dedicated to spreading love around the goalie community. A single drop can make a huge splash when it comes to helping others, so all you have to do is share the masks with your goalie friends, teammates, and followers.
Use the #GoalieLove hashtag when possible and we’ll keep an eye on your posts. Every month, we’ll be selecting supporters and awarding them with various prizes and swag. These masks were originally published on Instagram between December 16-31, 2023.

#GoalieLove Mask Collection

MASK #3: Be Yourself
DESCRIPTION: You know who you should be today? Read that first word again.
MASK #4: #SameHere
DESCRIPTION: Goalies can work together to change the culture around mental health in hockey by embracing the #SameHere message of inclusion. When we spread the #GoalieLove and share our stories and struggles openly with others, we can normalize the challenges we ALL face as goalies!
MASK #5: Embrace the Grind
DESCRIPTION: Love the goaltending journey so much that you give up the option of ever abandoning it. Embrace the challenges and accept the setbacks — you need them to fulfill your true potential.
MASK #6: Stay in the Moment
DESCRIPTION: Cherish every moment you’re on the ice and remember that hockey is just a game. Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff!
MASK #7: You are Not Alone
DESCRIPTION: The holidays can be isolating for goalies and they can stir up all kinds of difficult emotions. Whatever you’re going through right now, just realize you are not alone and you are not a bother or burden to anyone.
MASK #8: Lift The Mask
DESCRIPTION: Since 2018, #LiftTheMask has been our rallying cry for supporting goalies around the globe. Despite our different styles, cultures, and backgrounds, we all share a common bond as goalies. Let’s continue to tell our mental health stories so we can help others do the same!
MASK #9: The Power Within
DESCRIPTION: “The Power Within” is a phrase dedicated to inspiring goalies and guiding them to an increased level of inner confidence and self-awareness. Over the past 10 years, our book series has been a key reminder that our goalie idols are just like us — and we are just like them. Discovering the path to the elite level starts (and ends) from within, for that is where the true power lies!
MASK #10: Take A Deep Breath
DESCRIPTION: The game can be full of stressful moments, so never underestimate the power of a few deep breaths! No matter your age or level, mindful breathing is a skill worth learning.
MASK #11: Never Give Up
DESCRIPTION: How will you know what you’re truly capable of if you give up now? Keep going, your big breakthrough could be today.
MASK #12: Pressure is a Privilege
DESCRIPTION: No pressure, no diamonds. Find that “I want the puck” mindset and embrace the opportunity to elevate your game when the heat rises!
MASK #13: Trust the Process
DESCRIPTION: The goaltender’s path is full of nonlinear twists of fate — ups, downs, surprises, setbacks, and sudden leaps forward. Do not compare your path to others and embrace your unique journey, for the process of becoming great is yours and yours alone.
MASK #14: Live Your Purpose
DESCRIPTION: Your purpose as a goaltender is a deeply personal story. How you discovered hockey. When you first strapped on the pads and became a goalie. Who your NHL idols were growing up and why. As we wrap up 2023, now is a great time to reflect on your journey, its meaning, and how a pure love for the game is at the core of it all.
MASK #15: Gotta Have Faith
DESCRIPTION: Faith always comes first in the periodic table of goalie elements. Belief in yourself will take you further than any physical skill, and on top of that, it’s something nobody can take away from you. If you believe, you can achieve, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!