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To promote good health and well-being, quality education, and gender equality in the goaltending community.

Alongside our Mission and Vision, our Purpose is focused on the holistic development of athletes by supporting three UN Sustainable Development Goals.
UN Goal #3
By serving the goaltending community, we advocate for the positive impact that sports can have on the well-being of individuals. We also offer financial aid and mental health support for the communities we serve, which reinforces the goal of good health and well-being.

UN Goal #4
Inclusive, free, and accessible education is the foundation for improving lives. By offering a multitude of educational content and literature, we are supporting the community and opening doors for learning to take place anywhere and everywhere.

UN Goal #5
We do not judge or select goaltenders for scholarships based on their gender. We believe gender equality is a fundamental human right and is essential to achieve a more productive and peaceful community. Full human potential and sustainable development should be accessible to all, which means empowering more women to pursue a career in goaltending.
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