The Founder

The Goalie Guild was founded by Justin Goldman in January of 2009. Below is a collection of his experience in professional hockey and education.

Current Roles

Goldman is currently a member of the Goaltending Advisory Board for Sense Arena VR. His current Research is focused on Ecological Dynamics, Skill Acquisition and Development, Autonomous Supportive Coaching, Practice Design, and VR Technology.

Public Speaking

Goldman is currently available for public speaking engagements, both in-person or virtually. He speaks regularly to goalies of all ages, hockey parents, clubs, and organizations. Topics include mental health, development, recruiting, and performance.


Goldman served as an NHL Emergency Goalie (EBUG) for the Colorado Avalanche for five seasons, from 2016 until their Stanley Cup winning season in 2021.


Goldman's career in pro hockey started back in 2003 with the Colorado Eagles organization.

At that time, Goldman was attending Colorado State University as a technical journalism student and goalie for the school's ACHA team. When the Eagles franchise announced their plans to join the (former) Central Hockey League, he jumped at the chance to act as a junior scout and reporter.

For three seasons, Goldman covered every Eagles home game.

After graduating from CSU in December of 2004, he earned a chance to cover the Colorado Avalanche as the lead editor of the Colorado Hockey Insider magazine. In 2007, he shifted to the airwaves and became a post-game analyst for Mile High Sports Radio and KBPI 106.7 FM. He was also a member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) from 2007-2011.

With an unwavering passion for playing and scouting the position, Goldman finally created the first version of The Goalie Guild in January of 2009. This simple website was a place to post all of his junior, college, and NHL goalie scouting reports. It also included the popular PadsTracker feature.

In 2011, Goldman joined as one of their first goalie-specific writers. With a focus on fantasy hockey rankings and in-depth scouting reports on NHL Draft prospects, he published over 100 articles for the League until the end of the 2013-14 season.

In 2012, Goldman was hired by USA Hockey as their Regional Goalie Scout for the National Team Development Program (NTDP). Based in Minnesota, Justin was responsible for scouting and mentoring junior and high school goaltenders across the state.

During this time, he also collaborated with former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley on the first of their goaltending books, The Power Within. In 2013, he also worked with McKeen's Hockey as their director of goalie scouting, contributing to their annual NHL Draft and NHL Fantasy reports.

In 2014, Goldman's role with USA Hockey shifted back to the state of Colorado. As the director of goaltending for the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), he developed a framework for statewide goalie education. In the summer of 2014, Goldman also completed his international goalie development book project, Between Two Worlds. The book was published in March of 2015.

In 2014, Goldman joined NetWork Goaltending, an international collaboration project between goalie coaching leaders in USA, Canada, Finland and Sweden. He would act as the Director of Operations for their annual Goalie Coaching Symposiums and NHL Goalie Camps in Madison, WI and Nashville, TN.

In September 2016, Goldman was chosen to be an NHL Emergency Goaltender (EBUG) for the Colorado Avalanche. He held this position for five seasons and retired after the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 2022, receiving a personalized team jersey from the organization for his efforts.

In 2018, Goldman created the annual Global Goaltending Retreat event for pro goalie coaches. He also launched the first version of Lift The Mask, a program that focuses on supporting the mental health of goalies. Both are currently being run under the TGG foundation.

In 2020, Goldman joined Sense Arena VR as a member of their Goalie Advisory Board. He currently provides research, analysis, and feedback to the team on a variety of goalie-specific aspects.

Goldman currently resides in Castle Rock, Colorado with his mouthy husky mix, Calvin.


Goldman has worked for the following organizations:

2003 - Colorado Eagles (CHL) 2005 - Colorado Hockey Insider 2006 - Mile High Sports Radio & KBPI FM 2008 - University of Denver Jr. Pioneers 2009 - The Goalie Guild 2011 - 2012 - USA Hockey (NTDP) 2013 - McKeen's Hockey 2014 - USA Hockey (CAHA) 2015 - NetWork Goaltending 2016 - NHL (Emergency Goalie) 2019 - Mindspark Learning 2020 - Sense Arena VR (Current)


Goldman has organized / directed the following events:

2014 - Elite Goalies Mentorship Camp (Vierumaki, FIN) 2015 - NetWork Goaltending Symposium 2016 - Warren Strelow Mentorship Camp 2016 - NetWork Goaltending Symposium 2017 - USA Hockey Goaltending Development Program 2017 - NetWork Goaltending Symposium 2018 - NetWork Goaltending Symposium 2018 - Global Goaltending Retreat 2019 - Global Goaltending Retreat 2020 - GGR Online 2021 - GGR Online 2022 - Global Goaltending Retreat 2023 - Global Goaltending Retreat


Goldman has authored a collection of Books on goaltending.

2013 - The Power Within I 2015 - Between Two Worlds 2016 - Embracing The Grind 2019 - The Hero In You 2021 - The Power Within II


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