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Martha Kennedy


In 2020, The Goalie Guild joined forces with the Martha Kennedy Memorial Goalie Scholarship in order to provide goalies (ages 8-16) in the USA with financial aid for their league and team fees.
This memorial scholarship honors the late Martha Kennedy, a special hockey mom and amazing woman who dedicated her life to her goalie son, Scott Kennedy.
Martha Kennedy with her son, Scott Kennedy

About Martha

From Martha's late husband, Dave Kennedy:
"Martha Kennedy was my wife of 18 years, my soulmate, and the mother of our son, Scott.
She was an amazing woman and a proud goalie mom who passed away on January 21st, 2018 after a six-year battle with colon cancer. She took great pride in watching our son Scott play goalie, watching him grow from a boy to a young man who pushed himself on the ice and gave back to the Arapahoe goalie community by helping the younger goalies.
During her illness, the hockey community was always there for us helping with rides to and from practices, Scott's teams taping their sticks pink during October, dedicating games, and too many offers to help to name.
The first year (2018) I was able to award $2,600 in cash and another $500 in goalie gear. Last year (2019), I was able to award $5,200 in cash and another $1,100 in goalie gear. For all you hockey families out there, you know how expensive it is to play hockey, let alone having to cover the cost of goalie gear for your son or daughter."


2019 Martha Kennedy Scholarship recipient