2022 Global Goaltending Retreat


The Global Goaltending Retreat is a professional development experience hosted by The Goalie Guild. This event is designed to support pro and national level goalie coaches from around the world. It is held annually in Breckenridge, Colorado.
The first-ever GGR took place in May of 2018 and featured 25 goalie coaches from 12 nations, including Slovakia, Australia, Sweden, and Finland. Since then, it has hosted over 150 pro goalie coaches from 20 countries, including emerging hockey nations like Jamaica, China, and Mexico.


The GGR is dedicated to developing and inspiring goalie coaches. By bringing top performance experts and goalie coaches together from different parts of the world, we can create a special learning experience that promotes sharing, collaboration, and stronger friendships.
To learn more about the work being done within the GGR, please read our latest Toolkits.


Each year, The Goalie Guild invites pro or national-level goalie coaches to attend our private retreat. These coaches reside together in our host lodge and spend five days collaborating together by sharing drills on the ice and participating in group workshops off the ice.
If you currently coach at any of the levels below, please feel free to apply.
  • NA Pro Leagues
  • Euro Pro Leagues
  • National Teams
  • College / University
  • NHL, AHL, ECHL, SPHL, SHL, Liiga, KHL, DEL, NCAA, CIS, ACHA, all pro Euro leagues

Demo Goalies

Along with the coaches, we invite 12-16 Demo Goalies to participate in the GGR. Demo goalies not only get access to training with all of the coaches, but they can participate in the off-ice learning and team-building activities as well. They also stay at the same host lodge with the coaches.
Demo Goalies need to be 18 years or older and playing at the following levels:
  • Professional Hockey
  • College Hockey
  • Major Juniors
  • USA Tier 1 or 2 Juniors


The GGR is focused on providing coaches with an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with fellow coaches and sports performance experts. We create a "sandbox" environment where coaches are free to explore new techniques and methods in order to share ideas and discover solutions for various problems related to goalie training and development.
Topics at the GGR include:
  • Ecological Dynamics
  • Skill Acquisition & Development
  • Autonomous Supportive Coaching
  • "Coaches as Designers"
  • Human-Centered Learning
  • Empathy-Based Coaching
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Long-Term Health & Safety
To learn more about the type of education we provide at the GGR, please read our Toolkits.

2024 GGR

The 2024 Global Goaltending Retreat will take place from June 12-16 in Breckenridge, CO.
The fee for the event is set at $799 USD. This covers all lodging and attendance fees for the duration of your stay (four nights) at our host lodge.
If you are interested in attending, please send your coaching resume and a cover letter to [email protected] with "2024 GGR" in the Subject Line.
2023 Global Goaltending Retreat - Group Photo