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Financial Aid

How it Works

The Goalie Guild offers financial aid to goaltenders in order to help them eliminate one of the main barriers associated with mental health care.
Goaltenders of all ages are eligible to apply for this aid, which is a $100 USD donation from our foundation. If you are seeking care and need financial support, we encourage you to submit the contact form at the bottom of our Lift the Mask website.

How it's Used

This $100 USD donation is to be used for professional mental health care. That can include any type of professional consultation, sessions with a licensed therapist, meeting with a mental skills coach, or anything else related to personal mental health care.
In many instances, we will ask for a receipt of services rendered in order to ensure the donation is being used properly. Beyond our $100 donation, we may also offer unique one-time donations of various amounts.

Contact Us

Submit the form at the bottom of Lift The Mask.