Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Goalie Guild?
A 501-c3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to educating and supporting the global goaltending community. Made in the image and likeness of a medieval guild, the foundation's mission is focused on being a reliable resource for the community. It does this by offering scholarships, funding, and continuing education for the goaltending craft.
Who runs The Goalie Guild?
The Goalie Guild is owned and operated by Justin Goldman. You can read his bio on the Founder page and connect with him directly on LinkedIn.
How does The Goalie Guild work?
The Goalie Guild is an education non-profit that relies on charitable donations, contributions, and subscriptions to operate. It offers Scholarships for goalies in need, a series of educational goalie Books, professional Consulting and Mentoring services, Retreats for coaches, and more.
The Goalie Guild also operates a mental health program called Lift The Mask.
How do the Scholarships work?
On an annual basis, The Goalie Guild offers various Scholarships for the goalie community. These scholarships are awarded as financial aid (direct donations) in order to support underprivileged and underserved goalies.
To view our scholarship application site, click here.
What is Lift The Mask?
Lift The Mask is a mental health support program for the goaltending community. It's main mission is to eliminate the social and financial barriers associated with mental health and mental skills training for goalies.
Lift The Mask offers any goalie a chance to claim a $100 USD stipend for professional mental health care. This can be used to speak with a licensed therapist, a sports psychologist, or a mental skills coach anywhere in the world.
To learn more, view the LIFT THE MASK category.
What is the Global Goaltending Retreat?
The Global Goaltending Retreat (GGR) is a professional development experience for international and pro-level goalie coaches. It is held annually in Breckenridge, CO.
The inaugural GGR was held from May 28-30, 2018. Since then, the event has hosted over 250 coaches and sports performance experts from 25 hockey nations.
To learn more about the GGR, view the Retreats section.
How can I support The Goalie Guild?
The Goalie Guild accepts donations and charitable contributions of all kinds. This includes PayPal payments (CC), Checks, Cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC), and via other contributions.
We are also open to creating new partnerships and supporting select fundraising events that are focused on grassroots, growth, accessibility, diversity, and more.
You can also subscribe to Justin's personal SubStack.