Our 2023 Scholarships are now CLOSED. Recipients will be named by November 15.


The Goalie Guild offers a variety of annual Scholarships for the goalie community.


Our annual Scholarships are dedicated to supporting underprivileged athletes and their families, especially those without access to funding or proper care. Our scholarships are considered as donations to individuals, thus eliminating one of the biggest barriers associated with goaltending.

How It Works

Anyone is welcome to apply for our annual Scholarships. Applicants should be goaltenders (or their parents/guardians) or goalie coaches from the United States.
Each application is reviewed on an individual basis by The Goalie Guild. The review process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks long. In almost every instance, additional information related to the recipient is gathered and discussed before a final decision is made. Thank you for being patient during the review process.
Upon approval, a scholarship recipient will be rewarded with a donation from our foundation. The funds must be used for one of three purposes, which are detailed on the Categories page.

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Currently Closed


View our full list of Recipients by year.
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