The Goalie Guild is committed to providing professional development opportunities and experiences for goalie coaches of all levels. Currently, our main offering is the Global Goaltending Retreat, which takes place annually in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Education Study

In September of 2018, Dr. Jim Stephens and Justin Goldman published a goalie coaching education model that was later presented during the 2019 GGR event.
Since then, both authors have focused on providing coaching education in goaltending and hockey through a Learner-Centered model. This is why you will hear us often using the phrase, "We see goalies as learners first and athletes second."

Extreme Learning: Designing a 21st Century Coaching Education Program through a Culture of Innovation

Learning Design is the process of creating educational experiences that benefit the holistic growth of an athlete or student. Design is at the core of a training and learning experience, so we lean heavily on the idea that coaches are designers, not simply teachers.
This concept of learning design is at the core of coaching today's tech-driven students, which is why we conducted and published the study below for the goaltending community.